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Your LYTE PC is covered with our safe delivery guarantee. That means that if your PC arrives with any issues/damage we will repair or replace the entire system with no cost to you. We will even cover shipping!

On top of that, every LYTE PC comes with a 1 year full warranty. That means we will cover any defects for the entirety of your first year of ownership.

On top of the 1 year warranty many of the parts in your computer also include manufacturer warranties. For example, nearly all of our power supplies include a 3 year warranty. That means even if you are out of our 1 year warranty many of your components will still be covered!

In the end, our goal is to make buying and owning a PC as easy as possible.


All LYTE PCs can be returned within 30 days of delivery. For any refunds (non replacements) customer pays return shipping.

If you get your PC and have any issues we will replace the entire PC for free. We will even send the replacement PC first. Only once you receive this replacement PC will you then ship back the original. We cover shipping for this entire process.

You have an option on checkout to add refund assurance to your order. This ensures that even if your PC is damaged in shipping you can send it back for a full refund. At that point we will be responsible for any broken parts. Refunds for custom PCs without Assurance will be charged a 15% restocking fee. Regardless of refund assurance, if your item arrives broken or inaccurate in any way we will fix or replace the entire PC for free (we even cover shipping). Refund assurance simply allows a full cash refund no questions asked.

In the end, our goal is to keep all of our customers happy and ensure you get the PC and performance you expect!


How long is the processing time?

Answer Currently, due to the component shortage, the processing time is based on supply. The average processing time is 30 – 40 days but can be longer or shorter based on supply.

Is the PC upgradable?

Answer Yes! All of our PCs use standard, non-proprietary parts and are fully upgradeable on your own. We actually encourage it!

What if the PC arrives broken?

Answer If your PC arrives broken we will send you a replacement PC for completely free! We even cover shipping.

Does this PC come with a WiFi?

Answer The PC does not come with WiFi out of the box. You can add a USB WiFi adapter at checkout.

What all comes with the computer?

Answer This computer comes with a power cord, user manual, sticker, and any accessories that your components came with.



Carlos Lintree (Lyte Onyx)
12 February 2020
I’ve been rocking an Onyx PC for live streaming and video editing, for the price point the performance is astonishing
David Kirk (Lyte Onyx)
1 November 2019
I’ve been seeing this company on advertisement for over a month now and finally decided to pull the trigger. First time ever buying a pre-built and I am already satisfied just by the level of customer service offered by this company. I would highly recommend using this company for your next build.
Dave Kanuck (Lyte Hyper)
25 October 2019
Don’t know how this company has any bad reviews. I bought the Onyx PC and it is working amazing and outperforms my expectations. It arrived within 4 days of ordering and whenever I call their customer service they are very prompt to answer! If you want a PC this is the place to buy one!
Carl Grace (Lyte Hyper)
24 October 2019
Just bought a pc from these guys, extremely nice and when I called them to ask questions about upgrading my pc they were nothing but nice and determined to get what I wanted done.. my pc came in today and it works flawlessly they even upgraded my graphics card due to a wait period but none the less awesome experience definitely looking forward to doing more business with these guys!
Ansley Orelus (Lyte Onyx)
20 October 2019
The best customer service experience i’ve ever had, extremist friendly, knowledgeable and open minded guys. Definitely a business on the rise
Paul Guantanimo (Lyte Diamond)
2 October 2019
I was worried about about purchasing because I hadnt heard of the company but the PC arrived super fast and works amazing. Like for the price best prebuilt ever! Definitely buy!
Jeff Thomas (Lyte Sapphire)
28 September 2019
I am very pleased with the phone service I received and with the purchase overall. For such an affordable gaming PC I am very happy with what I received. I would definitely recommend a Lyte technology PC to others!
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